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    Enjoy a
    We provide Clients with the Best possible World class Service
    in our core and non core areas in Facilities Management.
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    House Keeping
    Our team of efficient housekeeping staff ensure total cleanliness of
    the premises including washrooms, staircase and lifts using
    Quality detergents .
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    A Strong Team
    With You
    Team Power
    Team Power
    Integrity: Transparency, fair, professionalism
    Practicality: Straightforward, productive, innovative, pragmatic
    Achievement: Focussed, driven, clear, ambitious, success
    Responsiveness: Listen, engage, create, participate
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    Job Placement
    We carry out end to end recruitment. On receipt of your requirement,
    we will match profiles to the job description.

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Our initiative towards a cleaner and greener India and promoting hygienic environment we have the following services in cities namely

Mechanised sweeping of Roads: We have several vehicles fitted with mechanised sweeping equipment that collects dust, waste etc found at the roadside and stacks it within the storage unit of the truck for later disposal. Naturally this works faster and cleaner than manual labour. Our vehicles are increasingly being utilised by the City Corporations.

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Our work is done
with passion

Sewage and water line rehabilitation:

Our experts examine the areas wherever water and sewage pipes converge and have a chance of intermingling specially where the pipes are old and worn out. In such a case remedial action is taken to ensure that the city is safeguarded and nothing untoward can occur.

Garbage Collection and Disposal: this is one of our other initiatives towards cleanliness in living areas, hotels, hospitals, roads, etc for a clean and healthy environment to eliminate the chances of dirt and disease and ensure a clean environment. The collected garbage is taken to a dump and suitably recycled or disposed of .

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A multi-facility
Company for you

AFRS provides industrial contracting and plant maintenance services. Our skilled team of dedicated personnel has a proven track record of success on large, medium and small projects.

Our goal is to provide key industrial clients with a diversity of services that benefit their particular projects. We offer our clients services from the small and routine to the difficult and demanding, often on a confidential basis.

The AFRS Team can provide solutions in your plant environment from everyday tasks to long-term projects.

Unique service

Through the use of randomized evaluations, the initiative aims to better understand and address important barriers to the provision of critical urban services. USI covers a broad range of urban issues including water, sanitation, and hygiene, migrant integration and livelihoods, energy and the environment, transportation, housing and infrastructure, and delivery of health and education services.

Our industrial services personnel work in groups to provide important hands-on services to our clients. This requires a strong work ethic, willingness to work with other people, and a focus on getting the job done. The most successful industrial services personnel are committed to working as part of a team, work hard, and enjoy seeing a task completed.


We work with you to understand your business / organisation

and then tailor a solution to your Unique needs. We assure quality services by providing professional and independent management of your facilities.